Navy Reserve Centennial

Our Mission

The mission of the Navy Reserve is to deliver operational capability and strategic depth to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Forces.

Navy Reserve Centennial

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Navy Reserve Centennial

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Navy Reserve Centennial

From money for college, humanitarian missions and enlightening work experiences, the Navy Reserve offers unique opportunities that you will not find anywhere else.  Hear about some of them from those living it.

Navy Reserve Centennial

Commander’s Intent

For almost a century the Navy Reserve has answered the nation’s call. Today’s Navy Reserve Sailors have served as a force multiplier and have been relied upon to support a wide spectrum of mission areas across the globe. In 2013 we provided over 1.2 million man days of operational support to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Force, including 4,146 Reserve Sailors mobilized to support Overseas Contingency Operations. Our Force remains flexible, responsive and innovative- attributes that provide a solid foundation as we move into 2014.

We are guided by the Chief of Naval Operations’ three tenets: Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready. Being ready is key to our mission. A ready Reserve Force provides outstanding value by delivering well-trained Sailors where and when required. Our 2014 Strategic Plan focuses on optimizing readiness and maximizing resources to ensure every Sailor is trained, proficient, and personally prepared to serve when called.
The current fiscal environment demands that we also take a hard look at how we are organized, how we train, and how we can best support the Navy’s missions. Knowing that Reserve Sailors provide increased capacity and capability at a reduced cost, we will identify mission areas and requirements that are periodic and predictable and can be effectively executed by the Reserve Component. At the same time, we will continue to invest in our people to ensure they have the tools, training and resources necessary to support their service to our nation.
Through this Navy Reserve Strategic Plan for 2014:

  • We will take a critical look at our infrastructure, units and personnel to ensure the Navy Reserve is aligned for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We will build on the progress we made in 2013 and continue to implement improvements to the cross-assignment process.
  • We will invest in leadership training and education to ensure our future leaders are well prepared to lead the Navy Reserve.
  • We will create a development model to enable a “continuum of learning” for operational planning and execution skills in the Navy Reserve.
  • We will examine available databases to ensure we document, identify, and utilize the unique skill sets, qualifications and certifications our Sailors maintain in their civilian careers.

The Navy Reserve Force’s contributions in 2013 were key to the accomplishment of the Navy’s strategic and operational goals. Your commitment to the Navy, your shipmates and your community is truly inspirational, and your continued dedicated service in support of the Navy, Marine Corps and Joint Force lends credence to our motto: “Ready Now. Anytime, Anywhere.”

R.R. Braun
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy
Chief of Navy Reserve

Navy Reserve Centennial

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