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HMCM Patricia Sullivan

Spotlight Sailor – HMCM Patricia Sullivan

HMCM Patricia Sullivan Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Patricia Sullivan Rank/Rate Master Chief Petty Officer, Hospital Corpsman, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Dental Hygienist Hometown Exeter, NH HMCM Patricia Sullivan Spotlight Highlight Master Chief Sullivan served in the Navy for 37...argumentative essay about learning english
LT Rhodora Cruz

Spotlight Sailor – LT Rhodora Cruz

LT Rhodora Cruz Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Rhodora Cruz Rank/Rate Lieutenant, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Nurse Hometown Guam LT Rhodora Cruz Spotlight Highlight Lt. Rhodora Cruz is a strong leader and the Officer-In-Charge of the Operational Health Support Unit...benefits community service
CE2 David Poarch

Spotlight Sailor – CE2 David Poarch

CE2 David E. Poarch Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name David E. Poarch Rank/Rate Petty Officer Second Class, Construction Electrician, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Sales Department, Verizon Wireless Hometown Weaver, AL CE2 David Poarch Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Poarch proudly represents...dual and cooperative federalism essay
BMCM John Patrick Gurba

Spotlight Sailor – BMCM John Patrick Gurba

BMCM John Patrick Gurba Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name John Patrick Gurba Rank/Rate Master Chief Petty Officer, Boatswain’s Mate, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Currently on deployment with the Navy in Kenya Hometown Morocco (currently resides in Gretna, LA) BMCM John...english literature poem essays
BM1 Kimberly Risvold

Spotlight Sailor – BM1 Kimberly Risvold

BM1 Kimberly Risvold Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Kimberly Risvold Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Boatswain’s Mate, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Dental Practice Office Assistant Hometown Troup, TX BM1 Kimberly Risvold Spotlight Highlight In addition to balancing family, community and...cultural analysis paper
PS2 Meghan Costello

Spotlight Sailor – PS2 Meghan Costello

PS2 Meghan Costello Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Meghan Costello Rank/Rate Petty Officer Second Class, Personnel Specialist, Full Time Support Civilian Job Full Time Support, US Navy Reserve Hometown Naples, NY PS2 Meghan Costello Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Costello joined...english essay magical moments my childhood
CM3 Leah Rapp

Spotlight Sailor – CM3 Leah Rapp

CM3 Leah Rapp Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Leah Rapp Rank/Rate Petty Officer Third Class, Construction Mechanic, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Full time IT Technician at Quicken Loans and a part-time student studying Computer Science Hometown Ferndale, Michigan CM3 Leah...closing shop and a life
IS1 Michael Robinson

Spotlight Sailor – IS1 Michael Robinson

IS1 Michael Robinson Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Michael Robinson Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Intelligence Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Senior Systems Engineer – NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Hometown Detroit, Michigan (currently resides in Huntington Beach, California) IS1 Michael...a method for writing essay about literature
ETC Jacob VanMarter

Spotlight Sailor – ETC Jacob VanMarter

ETC Jacob VanMarter Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Jacob VanMarter Rank/Rate Chief Petty Officer, Electronics Technician, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Electronics Technician, Syracuse University Hometown Syracuse, NY ETC Jacob VanMarter Spotlight Highlight Chief VanMarter is a leader both in and...beowulf and grendel essay
LT Antonio Shields

Spotlight Sailor – LT Antonio Shields

LT Antonio Shields Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Antonio Shields Rank/Rate Lieutenant, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Senior Systems Engineer Analyst Hometown Vancouver, WA LT Antonio Shields Spotlight Highlight Lieutenant Shields frequently volunteers to participate in funeral ceremonies for fellow military...economy equilibrium in infinite thesis
cause and effect essay of being an athlete