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HM1 LaTara Hall

Spotlight Sailor – HM1 LaTara Hall

HM1 LaTara Hall Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name LaTara Hall Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Hospital Corpsman, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Occupational Health, Audiology Tech, LPN Hometown Queens, NY HM1 LaTara Hall Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Hall was recently selected...argumentative essay about learning english
LS3 Peter Howey

Spotlight Sailor – LS3 Peter Howey

LS3 Peter Howey Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Peter Howey Rank/Rate Petty Officer Third Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Criminal Justice student at Lackawanna College in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Assistant to the Veteran’s Affairs Representative at the Veteran’s...benefits community service
HM2 Steven Mozloom

Spotlight Sailor – HM2 Steven Mozloom

HM2 Steven Mozloom Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Steven Mozloom Rank/Rate Petty Officer Second Class, Hospital Corpsman, Full-Time Support Civilian Job US Navy – Full-Time Support Hometown Clinton, NY HM2 Steven Mozloom Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Mozloom deployed on a...dual and cooperative federalism essay
AWSC Paul Marticorena

Spotlight Sailor – AWSC Paul Marticorena

AWSC Paul Marticorena Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Paul Marticorena Rank/Rate Chief Petty Officer, Naval Aircrewman, Selected Reserve Civilian Job MH-60S helicopter subject matter expert where he develops and maintains curriculum for Helicopter Combat Support Weapon Schools (HSCWS) Hometown Simi...english literature poem essays
OS1 Daniel A. Graf

Spotlight Sailor – OS1 Daniel A. Graf

OS1 Daniel A. Graf Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Daniel A. Graf Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Operations Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Police Officer, Federal Way, WA Hometown Iowa City, IA (resides in Tacoma, WA) OS1 Daniel A. Graf...cultural analysis paper
ISC Scott Elmblad

Spotlight Sailor – ISC Scott Elmblad

ISC Scott Elmblad Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Scott Elmblad Rank/Rate Chief Petty Officer, Intelligence Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Contractor with Booz Allen Hamilton Hometown Chatham, NJ ISC Scott Elmblad Spotlight Highlight Chief Elmblad serves as the Wounded Warrior...english essay magical moments my childhood
LCDR Dottie Aimar

Spotlight Sailor – LCDR Dottie Aimar

LCDR Dottie Aimar Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Dottie Aimar Rank/Rate Lieutenant Commander, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Operating Room nurse at the Sidra Medical Center in Doha, Qatar where she is the Perioperative Clinical Nurse Leader for Ophthalmology, Ear Nose...closing shop and a life
CTR1 Jeffrey Nelson

Spotlight Sailor – CTR1 Jeffrey Nelson

CTR1 Jeffrey Nelson Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Jeffrey Nelson Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Cryptologic Technician, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Licensed Practical Nurse Hometown Bremerton, WA CTR1 Jeffrey Nelson Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Nelson volunteers 16 hours per month...a method for writing essay about literature
ET2 Eric Brown

Spotlight Sailor – ET2 Eric Brown

ET2 Eric Brown Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Eric Brown Rank/Rate Petty Officer Second Class, Electronics Technician, Selected Reserve Civilian Job On Navy Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) orders as Funeral Honors Coordinator at NOSC Phoenix Hometown Coon Rapids,...beowulf and grendel essay
HMCS Jessica M. Hauptmann

Spotlight Sailor – HMCS Jessica M. Hauptmann

HMCS Jessica M. Hauptmann Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Jessica M. Hauptmann Rank/Rate Senior Chief Petty Officer, Hospital Corpsman, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Massage Therapist at Buckley Air Force Base Fitness Center – Provides therapeutic and sports bodywork to military...economy equilibrium in infinite thesis
an essay on the settings of east and west egg