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Description of a friend essay - Epic homework music

United States Navy Reserve

Navy Reserve Centennial
Navy Reserve Centennial
The Sailors that you employ are, as you are keenly aware, Reserve Sailors, with responsibilities beyond the Navy – like family and a civilian career. This is where you come into the picture because, these “Citizen Sailors” cannot meet all of their responsibilities without your understanding and support. As a matter of fact, America’s security – her ability to respond at a moment’s notice to threats anywhere in the world – rests in your hands as much as it does in theirs. Our global commitments, and the ability to meet them, are inextricably linked to you – the employer – and your unwavering support of the Navy Reserve.
Vice Admiral Robin R. Braun, Chief of the Navy Reserve
Navy Reserve Centennial

Description of a friend essay - Epic homework music

Click here to read more about the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

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