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When is the 100th anniversary of the Navy Reserve?

March 3, 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Navy Reserve.

Where can I attend an event to celebrate the Navy Reserve Centennial?

You can find a listing of Centennial Commemoration events by clicking here.

Who is the Chief of the Navy Reserve?

Vice Admiral Robin R. Braun is the current Chief of Navy Reserve (CNR).  You can view CNR’s biography by clicking here.

What is the Mission of the US Navy Reserve?

The mission of the Navy Reserve is to deliver strategic depth and operational capability to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Forces.

What is the Vision of the Navy Reserve?

The Navy Reserve provides essential naval warfighting capabilities and expertise, strategically aligned with mission requirements – valued for our readiness, innovation, and agility.

Where can I view a listing of all current Flag Officers in the Navy Reserve?

Click here to view the listing of Navy Reserve Flag Officers.

How do I submit a nomination for a Navy Reserve Centennial Spotlight Sailor?

Please submit your nomination by clicking here.

Where can I purchase Navy Reserve Centennial memorabilia?

Click here to view and purchase Navy Reserve Centennial Memorabilia.

What do Navy Reservists do?

The men and women of the Navy Reserve serve as a highly trained force available to meet the expanding needs of the Active Duty Navy. Meeting the same qualifications as those on Active Duty, Reservists provide the vital skills necessary to maintain national security and support our nation’s interests worldwide. Every day, you’ll find Reservists serving side by side with their Active Duty counterparts on station, on shore, in the air, at sea and on the drill deck. The roles and responsibilities of Reservists factor heavily into the greatest Navy force the world has ever seen.

What type of career opportunities are there in the Navy Reserve?

There are hundreds of different jobs in dozens of dynamic fields in the Navy Reserve. Just select your interest area in the Careers and Jobs section to get more information. The Navy Reserve is especially interested in candidates with military experience, career professionals, and those with special skills and training. If you have experience in certain fields, health care for example, you may be eligible for advanced rank and pay.

What are some of the basis benefits Reserve Service provides?

Reserve benefits include four days’ basic pay for only two drilling days each month, two weeks’ paid Annual Training each year, and regular promotion and raise opportunities (same as Active Duty). There’s potential to receive a sign-on or affiliation bonus and the possibility of specialty pay in critical need areas. Plus, you can look forward to perks like advanced career/management training and educational assistance, low-cost life insurance and points toward retirement, tax-free shopping at military stores, and low or no cost recreational opportunities.

All this – while discovering the pride, purpose and satisfaction that only comes from serving your country, while expanding your knowledge and expertise, while enjoying adventure and camaraderie few will ever know