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Descriptive essay on self portrait, Critical essays borges

March 03, 2015
Navy Reserve Centennial
Navy Reserve Centennial
HAPPY 100TH….to all Sailors, Civilians, and Families of the Navy Reserve

by Vice Admiral Robin Braun

As we mark the Navy Reserve Centennial, I want to thank all of you who serve – Sailors, Civilians and Families. Over the past century, the Navy Reserve has made tremendous contributions in both peacetime and war. Our history and heritage are a prelude to the future; a future that is guided by the honor, courage and commitment of our Sailors.

As we mark this significant milestone, many of our shipmates are deployed supporting diverse missions in every AOR. Thanks to your efforts, our Navy Reserve is integrated, responsive and a vital part of the Total Force. A Total Force that demands the agility and seasoned expertise that our Navy Reserve delivers, and since 9/11, has provided more than 73,000 Reserve Sailors who mobilized in support of contingency operations.

I have witnessed the work that our Force does on a daily basis, and I could not be more proud. Your sacrifice, service, and dedication serve to inspire others and I encourage you to actively participate in Centennial events to help celebrate our rich history.

Thank you again for all that you do. Happy 100th, Navy Reserve!

VADM Braun sends.

Navy Reserve Centennial

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