Spotlight Sailor – BUC Dan Vidoli

August 20, 2014
Navy Reserve Centennial
BUC Dan Vidoli

Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor


Dan Vidoli


Chief Petty Officer, Builder, Selected Reserve

Civilian Job

Project Manager, Jacobs Technology


Westford, MA

BUC Dan Vidoli

BUC Dan Vidoli

Navy Reserve Centennial
Spotlight Highlight

BUC Vidoli volunteers his aircraft and time as a certified pilot to a community service project called Angel Flight. Angel Flight flies critically ill patients with limited money from remote areas of New England to see specialists and doctors for medical care. He also volunteered 30 hours of his time as a pilot to raise $1,640 for Scholarships Fly In.

How have you benefited from your service in the Navy Reserve?

The Navy Reserve has provided me with some of the most memorable and meaningful experiences and lasting friendships. My Navy experiences and values play an important role in my day to day, family and civilian life. The greatest moment in my Navy career was being selected to Chief. It has afforded me many significant opportunities and a solid platform to pave the way to success for Junior Sailors.

It has also provided me real-life training and skills that I would not otherwise have acquired.  The level of responsibility, confidence, accountability, and circumstances I have been required to perform in have been crucial in exceling my civilian career. My Navy and civilian skills combined have enhanced my effectiveness as a Leader, Manager and Technical Expert in both roles.

Why did you choose to join the Navy Reserve?

I joined the Navy Reserves to be part of something bigger than myself.  It has given me a sense of pride and commitment for my country that has been enhanced by serving my country in the Reserve. The Reserve also has provided the ideal balance of serving my country with my civilian life.

In my Navy…

Change is how we become a more effective Navy. I am continually amazed and impressed at the technical skill, equality, and embracement of diversity in our young Sailors and Junior Officers. I am confident in their ability and success to maintain the dignity, strength and leadership of our future Navy.

Navy Reserve Centennial

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BUC Joseph Capozzi
October 3, 2014 5:11 pm

I had the pleasure of serving with Chief Vidoli in Afghanistan. He is a great leader and mentor! I am proud to call him friend and Brother.


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