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Columbine mom essay, College application essay webquest

February 09, 2015
Navy Reserve Centennial
HM2 Steven Mozloom

Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor


Steven Mozloom


Petty Officer Second Class, Hospital Corpsman, Full-Time Support

Civilian Job

US Navy – Full-Time Support


Clinton, NY

Navy Reserve Centennial
Spotlight Highlight

Petty Officer Mozloom deployed on a Frigate to South America for a six-month counter narcotics mission. During the deployment he was on the Visit-Board-Search-Seizure team that boarded the “pengas” that transit through the ocean attempting to import mainly cocaine into the United States. His team was involved in the largest drug bust in maritime interdiction – recovering 300 Kilos of cocaine.

How have you benefited from your service in the Navy Reserve?

I have benefitted from my time in the Navy Reserve in countless ways. First, I have developed skills that range from intellectual to physical labor skills. I have had the opportunity to travel the world and the greatest country, the United States. I have met countless people some that are like me and others that are very different from me – each of these encounters have always taught me valuable lessons.

Why did you choose to join the Navy Reserve?

I was unaware at the time that I was joining the Navy Reserve but part of the joy of the Navy Reserve is that you learn to adapt and overcome.

In my Navy…

In my Navy we strive to set the example, and we maintain the golden standard. Throughout the years many things in the world have changed but the Navy has been steadfast in its goals and dedicated to mission accomplishment.

Navy Reserve Centennial

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