Spotlight Sailor – HT2 Samuel Thompson

October 29, 2014
Navy Reserve Centennial
HT2 Samuel Thompson

Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor


Samuel Thompson


Petty Officer Second Class, Hull Maintenance Technician, Selected Reserve

Civilian Job

Construction Foreman


Colorado Springs, Colorado

HT2 Samuel Thompson

HT2 Samuel Thompson

Navy Reserve Centennial
Spotlight Highlight

Took on the role of Work Center Supervisor at the Expeditionary Maintenance unit where he works; greatly increased the completion level of all preventive maintenance for the machines in the shops at NOSC Denver.

How have you benefited from your service in the Navy Reserve?

The Navy Reserve has allowed me to proudly serve in the military while being able to be closer to home to enjoy and raise my family. It has also given me the opportunity to see many of the places in the world that I would never be able to see on my own; I have been to Chicago, Annapolis, Hawaii, Japan, and Guam during my three years of service.

Why did you choose to join the Navy Reserve?

I originally joined the Navy Reserve for the benefits.  Now that I have served for two years, however, I feel a deeper need to serve my country. I honestly did not realize how much pride and reward come from serving.

In my Navy…

I feel that reservists matter just as much as active duty sailors.  At our NOSC, we are constantly getting production jobs to help support the fleet.  Every year when we go out on active training time, our active duty counter parts are always more than willing to let us lend a hand and help lighten the load.  In my Navy, if I can help make anyone’s job easier, I feel like we matter.

Navy Reserve Centennial

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