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Cinderella hard work pays off essay, Essay about a rose for emily

February 09, 2015
Navy Reserve Centennial
ISC Scott Elmblad

Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor


Scott Elmblad


Chief Petty Officer, Intelligence Specialist, Selected Reserve

Civilian Job

Contractor with Booz Allen Hamilton


Chatham, NJ

ISC Scott Elmblad

ISC Scott Elmblad

Navy Reserve Centennial
Spotlight Highlight

Chief Elmblad serves as the Wounded Warrior Project Coordinator. Each month he spends more than 10 hours coordinating WWP volunteers and visits.  Each visit includes 10-15 volunteers who prepare meals for up to 100 Wounded Warriors.  Not only do their visits provide meals to the wounded, they also provide an opportunity for the volunteers and wounded warriors to fellowship.

How have you benefited from your service in the Navy Reserve?

The Navy Reserve has allowed me to proudly serve in the military while enabling me to also serve in my community. I utilize my Navy experience to coordinate monthly trips to feed our Wounded Warriors at Landstuhl Medical Center here in Germany. I’m also able to continue to reach the Navy career goals I started while on active duty like creating and teaching the Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist (EIDWS) qualification at United States Africa Command and serving in my Church as a Growth Group Leader.

Why did you choose to join the Navy Reserve?

The Reserve provided a way for me to continue serving while also staying involved with my civilian employment and my Church and remaining close to my family.

In my Navy…

In my Navy, through all the changes, there is one principle that I learned during boot camp that I have seen exemplified over the years at the different commands I’ve had the honor being associated with, and that is “never leave a shipmate behind”.  No matter what is happening, no matter what that shipmate is going through, a hand is always extended for them to grab onto, to let them know that they are an important part of the unit, the mission and the United States Navy.

Navy Reserve Centennial

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1 Comment. enron stakeholders term paper

A fine tribute! All of us back here in the states are so very proud of you and your achievements!

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Cinderella hard work pays off essay, Essay about a rose for emily

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