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Descriptive essay about a hospital, Change my attitude essay

August 19, 2014
Navy Reserve Centennial
PS2 Melly Ramirez

Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor


Melly Ramirez


Petty Officer Second Class, Personnel Specialist, Full-Time Support

Civilian Job

Full Time Support at Navy Operational Support Center Pittsburgh


Los Angeles, California

Navy Reserve Centennial
Spotlight Highlight

Petty Officer Ramirez enlisted in the Navy out of gratitude for the opportunities afforded to her by her adopted nation. She was born in Mexico and gained her U.S. residency in 2004.  After serving four years on active duty, Petty Officer Ramirez decided to become a Full Time Support (FTS) Sailor dedicated to supporting members of the Navy Reserve.

How have you benefited from your service in the Navy Reserve?

As a prior active-duty Sailor, joining the Reserve gave me the opportunity to see and learn about an entirely different component from the Navy I had grown accustomed. I was able to serve my country while raising a family and going to school full-time.  This was only possible because of the support I received as a FTS Sailor at NOSC Pittsburgh.

Why did you choose to join the Navy Reserve?

When I completed my 4 years of active duty as a Shipboard Electrician (EM) I felt like I had more to offer.  When it came time to re-enlist, I decided to convert over to FTS and changed my rate to Personnel Specialist (PS). Not only was I given an opportunity to continue my Navy career, but I was also granted the opportunity to serve Reservists who are so essential to our Navy.  At the same time, I could be there for my family and pursue my education.  It was the best of both worlds.

In my Navy…

we take pride in saying that we are all family.  Our family spreads across continents, and this family breaks all barriers of gender, age, and race. We all have an opportunity to be the best version of ourselves.  In my Navy, we are all equal.

Navy Reserve Centennial

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5 Comments. easybib professional development series

Great job shipmate. I am pleased to see you are still doing great thing. Keep up the good work.


business networking dissertation
Paula Bozdech-Veater
essay about violence in america

Congrats on your selection. Your great attitude makes such a difference for all of us at NOSC Pittsburgh

brooklyn ba md essay

Fantastic Write up for a Fantastic Sailor! Keep doing what you do PS2 and you will go far, as well as continue to make a positive impact to the Reserve Sailors you serve, as you have for those in my unit the last couple years!!! I told you – your efforts do not go Un-Noticed!

art blurring essay life

Congratulations PS2. Your work ethic and attitude with your outstanding personality put you where you are. You definitely will make a GREAT Chief one day. Keep hard charging!

bar chart essays
PSC Scott
custom essay paper

Congratulations PS1 Ramirez. You dedication and hard work has paid off. You are most deserving. Get ready for the next step Chief or LDO!!!

building an ethical organization part essays

Descriptive essay about a hospital, Change my attitude essay

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