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Submit your Nomination Here

Navy Reserve Centennial

Nominate a Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor!


Beginning March 3, 2015, the Navy Reserve will “Spotlight” Reserve Component Sailors, past and present, in order to celebrate the talented team that makes up the Navy Reserve.  Selected Sailors will be highlighted throughout the year in local media and featured at regional celebrations.  Three nominations will be chosen to be elevated for national level press events.


We are looking for currently serving Reserve Component Sailors and veterans who have served the Navy and their community in a noteworthy manner.  Whether the individual has provided support to our active duty counterparts, has had notable influence in their local community, or has other traits that make their story remarkable, we want to hear their stories!


We want to spotlight Reserve Sailors across the nation in order to showcase our highly skilled and incredibly diverse team.  The Navy Reserve Centennial Celebration is designed to have the greatest impact in local communities where we can Spotlight the achievement of our hometown heroes.  Through the Spotlight Program we can connect our decorated and storied veterans and our high-achieving Sailors with their communities across the country.  The dedicated service of our Spotlight Sailors can then be properly honored by sharing their stories with the media and by showcasing them at regional commemorative events.


Spotlight stories of our Sailors will be available for media release beginning Tuesday, March 3, 2015.  We will continue to release Spotlight stories as appropriate through December 2015.  The Navy Reserve Centennial website and our social media will carry these stories for the duration of this time.


It is imperative that our nation understands and recognizes that for 100 years, the United States Navy Reserve has delivered strategic depth and operational capability to our Navy, Marine Corps and Joint Forces.  It is equally important the our communities understand and recognize that a Reserve Component Sailor is a patriot who has committed to striking a balance between the demands of their family and community, as well as civilian and military employment.  What better way for for us to do this than to highlight the stories of local Sailors through the Centennial Spotlight?


Using the form to the right, submit your nomination for a Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor.

Please be sure to provide accurate contact information, as you will likely be contacted for verification of submission.

By your submission here, you agree that the US Navy Reserve can use your story and photograph for any lawful purpose relating to the Navy Reserve Centennial.

Submit your Nomination

With which NOSC is the nominee affiliated? If no longer serving, please disregard.

Please wait...
Navy Reserve Centennial

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