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Essay listening music - C sap dissertation

October 21, 2014
Navy Reserve Centennial

Essay listening music - C sap dissertation

Click here to view the Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailors.

Spotlight Sailors are a Snapshot of the Extraordinary Navy Reserve Team

by LT Jenn Womble

As we celebrate the Centennial of the Navy Reserve, we reflect with gratitude on the team of professional Sailors who have sustained the Reserve for the last one-hundred years. These American Citizen Sailors have performed heroically in service to their nation from the American Revolution to the ongoing engagements in theaters around the world – creating and maintaining a proud heritage and history built on the same core values that guide all of America’s Navy.  Honor. Courage. Commitment.

Throughout 2015 we will be highlighting the service of some of the extraordinary Sailors that make up this force through a program called the “Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor.” We have already begun to post the profiles of the Spotlight Sailors, and we encourage you to look at their unique stories of service benefits community service.

Starting with our Centennial Celebration, March 3, 2015 and lasting the remainder of the year we will be sending stories to the Sailors’ hometown media in order to showcase their individual stories of service to the Navy and their communities. As we celebrate the centennial we are encouraging our Spotlight Sailors to seek ways to be active in the community, whether that is throwing the first pitch at a baseball game or participating in another activity that is relevant to their hometown.

Over the next several months we will be working to identify the Spotlight Sailors with the most impactful stories to highlight at the national level. Once they are identified, we will be spotlighting their story through a variety of channels on our blog and in the media.

If you would like to nominate a Sailor for the Spotlight please fill out the drosophila lab report. We will reach out to the nominee to make sure they are willing to participate in the campaign before sharing their story.

Nominate a Spotlight Sailor

Click here to submit your nomination for a Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor.

Navy Reserve Centennial

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