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CE2 David Poarch

Spotlight Sailor – CE2 David Poarch

CE2 David E. Poarch Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name David E. Poarch Rank/Rate Petty Officer Second Class, Construction Electrician, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Sales Department, Verizon Wireless Hometown Weaver, AL CE2 David Poarch Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Poarch proudly represents...argumentative essay about learning english
EMCS Mark P. Jones

Spotlight Sailor – EMCS Mark P. Jones

EMCS Mark P. Jones Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Mark P. Jones Rank/Rate Senior Chief Petty Officer, Electrician’s Mate, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Human Factors Engineer for Associated Fuel Pumps System Corporation (AFCO) – Applies human factors engineering concepts to...benefits community service
HMCM Rachel Lee Watson

Spotlight Sailor – HMCM Rachel Lee Watson

HMCM Rachel Lee Watson Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Rachel Lee Watson Rank/Rate Master Chief Petty Officer, Hospital Corpsman, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Owns and manages Desperado’s Gift Shop and Royalee Collectibles online gift shop Hometown Tuscaloosa, Alabama HMCM Rachel...dual and cooperative federalism essay
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