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LT Rhodora Cruz

Spotlight Sailor – LT Rhodora Cruz

LT Rhodora Cruz Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Rhodora Cruz Rank/Rate Lieutenant, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Nurse Hometown Guam LT Rhodora Cruz Spotlight Highlight Lt. Rhodora Cruz is a strong leader and the Officer-In-Charge of the Operational Health Support Unit...argumentative essay about learning english
LT Antonio Shields

Spotlight Sailor – LT Antonio Shields

LT Antonio Shields Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Antonio Shields Rank/Rate Lieutenant, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Senior Systems Engineer Analyst Hometown Vancouver, WA LT Antonio Shields Spotlight Highlight Lieutenant Shields frequently volunteers to participate in funeral ceremonies for fellow military...benefits community service
LT Benjamin C. Bradlee

Spotlight Sailor – LT Benjamin C. Bradlee

LT Benjamin C. Bradlee Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Benjamin C. Bradlee Rank/Rate Lieutenant, Officer of the Volunteer Reserve appointed to the line for general service in deck duties (1942-45) Civilian Job Former Executive Editor of the Washington Post Hometown...dual and cooperative federalism essay
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