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LS3 Peter Howey

Spotlight Sailor – LS3 Peter Howey

LS3 Peter Howey Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Peter Howey Rank/Rate Petty Officer Third Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Criminal Justice student at Lackawanna College in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Assistant to the Veteran’s Affairs Representative at the Veteran’s...argumentative essay about learning english
LS1 Henry Sembe

Spotlight Sailor – LS1 Henry Sembe

LS1 Henry Sembe Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Henry Sembe Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Full-Time Graduate Student Hometown Cameroon (currently resides in Newark, DE) LS1 Henry Sembe Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Sembe was...benefits community service
LS3 Michael Ganter

Spotlight Sailor – LS3 Michael Ganter

LS3 Michael Ganter Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Michael Ganter Rank/Rate Petty Officer Third Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Recently returned from a mobilization in Djibouti, Africa (2013-2014) Hometown San Jose, California LS3 Michael Ganter Spotlight Highlight LS3...dual and cooperative federalism essay
LS1 America Henry

Spotlight Sailor – LS1 America Henry

LS1 America Henry Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name America Henry Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Professional photographer, promotional model, full-time student, wife, mother, Pampered Chef consultant, cellist Hometown Indianola, Iowa LS1 America Henry Spotlight...english literature poem essays
LS1 Jeffrey Grimes

Spotlight Sailor – LS1 Jeffrey Grimes

LS1 Jeffrey Grimes Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Jeffrey Grimes Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Courier for FedEx Hometown Marshalltown, IA LS1 Jeffrey Grimes Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Grimes was the Navy Operational Support...cultural analysis paper
LS1 Laurie Incitti

Spotlight Sailor – LS1 Laurie Incitti

LS1 Laurie Incitti Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Laurie Incitti Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Owner, Citti Residential Cleaning Hometown Eden Prairie, MN LS1 Laurie Incitti Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Incitti has spent her...english essay magical moments my childhood
LS3 Paula Benoit

Spotlight Sailor – LS3 Paula Benoit

LS3 Paula Benoit Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Paula Benoit Rank/Rate Petty Officer Third Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Child Care Worker for Elk River School and YMCA Hometown New Richmond, Wisconsin LS3 Paula Benoit Spotlight Highlight To-date,...closing shop and a life
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