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CAPT Kathleen Thorp

Spotlight Sailor – CAPT Kathleen Thorp

CAPT Kathleen Thorp Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Kathleen “Kathy” Thorp Rank/Rate Captain, Nurse Corps, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Employed by Booz Allen & Hamilton at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence, Bethesda, Maryland Hometown Orchard Park, NY CAPT Kathleen...argumentative essay about learning english
ET2 Wen Chen

Spotlight Sailor – ET2 Wen Chen

ET2 Wen Chen Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Wen Chen Rank/Rate Petty Officer Second Class, Electronics Technician, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Insurance Claim Representative (transitioning to be a County Sheriff Deputy Recruit Officer upon completion of current mobilization) Hometown El...benefits community service
FORCM Richard P. Johnson

Spotlight Sailor – FORCM Richard P. Johnson

FORCM Richard P. Johnson Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Richard P. Johnson Rank/Rate First Force Master Chief of the Navy Reserve (FORCM1), Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman, TAR (now known as Full Time Support (FTS)) Civilian Job Retired Hometown Oak Harbor,...dual and cooperative federalism essay
LS1 Jeffrey Grimes

Spotlight Sailor – LS1 Jeffrey Grimes

LS1 Jeffrey Grimes Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Jeffrey Grimes Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Courier for FedEx Hometown Marshalltown, IA LS1 Jeffrey Grimes Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Grimes was the Navy Operational Support...english literature poem essays
LS1 Laurie Incitti

Spotlight Sailor – LS1 Laurie Incitti

LS1 Laurie Incitti Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Laurie Incitti Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Logistics Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Owner, Citti Residential Cleaning Hometown Eden Prairie, MN LS1 Laurie Incitti Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Incitti has spent her...cultural analysis paper
IS1 Nicholas Theriot

Spotlight Sailor – IS1 Nicholas Theriot

IS1 Nicholas Theriot Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Nicholas Theriot Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Intelligence Specialist, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Currently Serving the Navy on Long-Term Orders Hometown Kenner, Louisiana IS1 Nicholas Theriot Spotlight Highlight Since joining the Navy,...english essay magical moments my childhood
MM1 Elizabeth Valdez

Spotlight Sailor – MM1 Elizabeth Valdez

MM1 Elizabeth Valdez Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Elizabeth Valdez Rank/Rate Petty Officer First Class, Machinist’s Mate, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Second Year Apprentice with Sturgeon Electric Hometown Ecuador MM1 Elizabeth Valdez Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Valdez served on active...closing shop and a life
MA2 Anthony Vega

Spotlight Sailor – MA2 Anthony Vega

MA2 Anthony Vega Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Anthony Vega Rank/Rate Second Class Petty Officer, Master-at-Arms, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Sheriff’s Sergeant – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Hometown Rancho Cucamonga, CA MA2 Anthony Vega Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer Vega...a method for writing essay about literature
HM2 Kevin Blake

Spotlight Sailor – HM2 Kevin Blake

HM2 Kevin Blake Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Kevin Blake Rank/Rate Petty Officer Second Class, Hospital Corpsman, Selected Reserve Civilian Job Patient Services Assistant at CentraCare Family Health Center Hometown Big Lake, Minnesota HM2 Kevin Blake Spotlight Highlight Petty Officer...beowulf and grendel essay
LT Eric Kettani

Spotlight Sailor – LT Eric Kettani

LT Eric Kettani Navy Reserve Spotlight Sailor Name Eric Kettani Rank/Rate Lieutenant, Selected Reserve, Public Affairs Officer Civilian Job Professional Athlete – National Football League & Professional Artist Hometown Kirtland, Ohio LT Eric Kettani How have you benefited from your...economy equilibrium in infinite thesis
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